Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hey everyone! Just a littl e bitty post to let you know we are alive. I"ve just been too lazy to post anything. So maybe over the next few days I will compile a post of what's been going on in our lives and put up a few pics! But for now i'm going to bed :o)

Monday, May 25, 2009

I had a feeling this was coming!

Hello everyone, It's been a looonnnggg time since I posted. But nothing really eventful has been happening in our lives lately and we've been extremely busy. The kids all started swim lessons in March and then Christian signed up for baseball and Kaylie and Camren are playing soccer. Well with all the practices and games I haven't had much time for blogging.
So on Friday Kaylie and I flew out of Washington headed for Utah to spend time with some family and to go to the Taylor Swift concert with My sister in Law and Kaylies cousin. In the mean time back in Washington Pete went on a field trip with Camren and then decided when they got home to go check out the new playground by our house. Little did any of us know that our lives would change after that.
My sister in law, Melinda, picked us up from the airport at 12:30 and then we made our trek back to Smithfeild. She dropped me off at the salon so I could get my hair done (it's way less expensive here). They had a little sign that asked you to silence your cell phone so you could have a more enjoyable experience, so I did! Well while I was processing I decided to check my phone, I had a text message from Pete, Here is what I saw:

(The above pic Peter took at home right before they left for the hospital. The reason it is blurry he said is because Camren was shaking and so was he!) Needless to say, I thought OK either Camren is messing around with his Dads phone or..... that looks like a broken arm...... Then I received a voicemail (would have been nice to get that first) It was Pete he said he was on the way to the E.R. because Camren had broken his arm. Apparently while at the playground he had decided to do the monkey bars, not a new feat for Camren. Well they are pretty high up so he had asked his Dad to stand there in case he fell. Pete was trying to help him gain some courage and told him he could do it! So off he went, he made it across and decided to turn around for a second go. Well he swung out a little to far and fell. I guess he decided in the second he had, that it would be best to catch the whole weight of his body on his left arm and this is what he got:
Wow, can you believe that pic? It makes me have knots in my stomach just to look at it. I can't imagine the pain he must have been in. The picture above was taken in the x-ray room while they were x-raying. I felt so bad that I couldn't be there to hold my baby and make sure that everything was going to be o.k. But Pete did a great job. I guess as a mother though you just want to be there for you babies. The x-ray below is from the top view of his arm, I don't think it shows the break that well. But the next one:

This one is from the side, Oh my! That one gives me knots too! They told Pete it was almost a compound fracture. I knew this was going to happen someday, I mean it's Camren and any of you who know him..... Well lets just say he is a crazy boy! But he is so funny and is always making us laugh, but the last few weeks he has been an accident waiting to happen. Someone smashed his foot in the door at school and ripped his shoe and bruised his toe, then he fell coming up the stairs to the house and stubbed the same toe the next day and scrapped up his elbows, then he was at swimming and bumped his chin really hard on the side of the pool leaving a huge bump, and that was all recently in a 48 hour period, so we knew we had it coming.

This next pic is Camren sedated while they set his bones back in place. Can we all say Ugh. I know there was a reason Peter was there and not me. I mean I would have done whatever I would have to for this little guy, but I think during this part they would have had to sedate me too! I asked Pete why they were holding Camrens hand if he was asleep and he said that apparently because of the type of block they do, the patients body involuntarily moves and his right hand kept trying to grab his left so they had to hold it, his feet were moving too.

Another sedation pic, I'm so glad he won't remember any of that!

This was after he woke up and they had put on his temporary cast. It's made to allow for swelling and then we will take him in to get his real cast on Thursday. I'm glad I'll be able to be there for that. You know the fun part, picking out a color and signing it. Pete said Camren was such a trooper, the E.R. staff said they wished all their patients were as good as him. He wasn't really crying. He has always tolerated pain well like when he gets his immunizations, he jumps up on that table and doesn't make a sound. Now if only we could get his almost twelve year old brother to do that. I haven't quit decided if that's a good thing or a bad thing yet?

Camren is at home and doing well, he actually went to the playground (not something I would have let him do) the next day. He only went down the slide about 80 times but still he could trip and fall and and and.... Oh I guess it's a good thing I'm not there. But he was in some pain that night, I think from doing too much. He has already figured out how to play the x-box, since he broke his left hand and he is left handed and has been passing time doing that with his brother. I hope he heals quickly and we never have to go through this again! Peter did such a great job with him, he had put an ice pack on it and wrapped it in a homemade sling for him with one of my flour sack towels
, I'm thankful that Peter was there for him and took such great care of our little guy!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Taylor Swift Baby!!

SO Kaylie and I are going to the Taylor Swift concert in May. We are soooo excited, we'll be going to Utah so that we can go with My sister-in-law Melinda and her daughter Monica. We love Taylor Swift!! I'll post pics after the event! YAY ;o)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our visit home to Utah

So about two weeks ago we went home to Utah for Pete's brothers wedding. We were pretty busy trying to help get last minute thing's finished up! It was a great time though. Their wedding was beautiful and we are so happy for James and Jelli. We hope to get to know them as a couple better as time goes on! We only have a couple of pics, but here they are!

We also had Family pics with the Killam family at Wheeler farm, can I just say COLD! It was so cold, I think that's why I didn't really like any of the ones of our own little family, we look like popsicles! It was fun though and nice to have a new pic with all the additions added, OK there is only one addition but still. We also celebrated my Brother Williams birthday by going out to dinner, we went to Hibachi, without the kids, it was really nice to spend time with both our families, we miss them so much and are sad that we are missing out on so many thing's but one day we will live closer and probably want to get away ;o)Our trip home was slow going do to snow in one of the passes we had to go through, we went 4 miles in 2 hours. That was not fun but luckily we had left early because we wanted to get home around 8 but instead got home around 11:30. So not too bad!

Well there isn't much else to post about, the kids are still little stinkers. I can't wait for spring break to be over. Here in Washington you can't go out and play during spring break unless you like being cold and wet and we don't like either, or at least not in the same sentence, so the kids are pretty bored. I am determined to find some fun, inexpensive thing's to do so that we don't all go crazy!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Christians Presentation

Christian was involved in the gifted program this year. One day a week he went to a different school where he was actually challenged. We're so proud of him and his achievements. One of his projects was to interview a family member and then give a presentation on them. He chose to interview his Grandma Killam, he did a great job and presented really well. So here are a few pics of him during his presentation! It was really funny, after he was done they had an open house for the sixth graders because they will be going on to Junior High and won't be coming back to Quest. Well a few of his friends decided to rate his Grandmothers fifth grade photo, on a scale of 1-10. They all gave her either a nine or a ten, Wow I bet that will make her feel good ;o)

Camren is V.I.P.

Camren was chosen as V.I.P. in his class this week. He has been so excited about this. We made a poster that he presented in class on Monday and it was so bitter sweet to see him presenting his poster to his class, he is getting so big but he is still my baby. The bitter sweetness is that he is our last child to go through these miles stones and until our children have thier own (which better not be for another 20 years) we won't be seeing or doing these thing's for the first time anymore. Here is a pic of Cam doing his presentation.

Friday, February 13, 2009

What are we going to do with this child!

FYI there are two more post after this one ;o)

So Monday afternoon we were in our room watching TV, Kaylie came to ask Christian to go downstairs with her and Camren because Camren was scared because he saw a shocky guy down there. Well I'm kind of tired of them always being scared of going downstairs by themselves, it's not a basement it's the main floor and they are perfectly safe. So I told her to just go with Camren, we'll a few seconds later she comes in and says "uh, Mom. You know my little finger handcuffs? Camren stuck them in the plug outlet" So I go downstairs prepared to take them out and there's Camren with the cuffs in his hands trying not to smile. Now we know who the shocky man was. I asked him if he was ok, his fingers were black, and he said "Ya" I asked did you get burned or shocked and he says "No". So to scare him away from doing this again I explained how dangerous what he did could have been, you know the house could have caught fire and that someone could have gotten hurt. Don't know that he gets it, most the time he only half way listens. But he did go to Lowes with Pete and got a new outlet since he had melted half the handcuff in the other one. Crazy thing is, is that usually when you stick something in an outlet like that it trips a circuit breaker and it didn't so we are thankful that it was just a little smoke and nothing more. Oh the joy Camren brings to our lives, we love him soo much and he's so cute but man first the TV then this and I'm sure there is more to come. Here are some pics for your enjoyment ;o)